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Drena's complaint against Swissair

Drena Janoobi


Swiss Air puts profits before people. Unacceptable behaviour

Complaint against Swissair

I am experiencing the following issue: Last Thursday afternoon at 11:00 am, local time, I was at Antalya airport attempting to catch my flight LX8177 , 14:15 pm (back to London via Zurich LX 340 at 20:50 pm. My ticket No. (7242302476368) purchased in London, online, from Swiss Air. To my real horror, I was informed that there was no such a flight/service to Zurich on that day. I showed them my ticket. They checked it and told me that my return flight had been switched to Turkish Airline, domestic flight to Istanbul, Ataturk Airport then Turkish Airline flight to London Heathrow. This breach of contract had been carried out without my knowledge. When I heard this I felt very emotionally stressed, because of being so frightened of travelling on Turkish Airline or going anywhere near Airports in Istanbul. My mind immediately receiving flashback from the Bomb attacks incidents,had taken place, in this airport several months previously. There was also state of security in place and the fact that similar threats of these attacks happening were still very much alive. This was the very issue for me which influenced my choice of an airline to fly with the Swiss at Twice the cost. I first refused to checked-in,but soon realised that I had no choice but to go back home on that day. This was against my will. I took the flight to Istanbul. During the flight, I was trembling due to fear of potential bombs on the plane. My uncontrollable emotions very much affected me. The heart continued pounding in my chest, as though, it wanted to come out. The feeling continued with me all the way to the Airport in Istanbul and got worse when I was waiting at the Ataturk Airport to catch my connection flight to LHR. I experienced my body behaving like being frozen. I was feeling so fearful of my surrounding with all security men around me that I found myself trembling and shaking. I felt so afraid that I nearly become unconscious. My heart was beating fast and hard. I was in acute frightened state. A kind woman asked me if she could help but, her English was very limited and communication with her proved difficult.I arrived back to London, but the pain and anxiety attacks still troubling me badly. I am 62 years old, in very good health, energetic and not on any medication or having existing symptoms of poor health. I am a university qualified Food scientist and currently working as a manager for well known company in the UK . A close friend whom I contacted for help on Friday morning, called a local Chinese doctor.. Dr Zeng who gave me Chinese Acupuncture for treating anxiety attacks. He later recommended home-rest and avoidance of all kind of emotional stress similar to what I had been subjected to which caused severe anxiety attack due to the experiences at the Airports in Turkey on 17th Nov.2016.. I was not able to go to work on the following day, I called my GP practice and they gave me an emergency appointment to see a doctor on the following Monday. Since then I have had another session of the Acupuncture treatment and last Monday, I was seen by my GP at the medical practice that I am registered with. He was alarmed by what he saw. He recommended me to continue with the Chinese acupuncture and report progress. He arranged to refer me to specialist as soon as possible. He said, in the absence of Chinese doctor’s treatment, for my anxiety attack, he would have referred me to be treated in hospital. Because of the above-mentioned experiences, I hold Swiss air responsible and in breach of contract for failing to provide me with a service based on the flight arrangement and the airline of my choice. I have suffered badly as a result and incurred cost and consequential losses due to being unable to go to work. I despise Swiss Air in putting profit before people and treating me as though I am some kind of animal which had to be transported from Antalya to LHR. I find this kind cost cutting ploys by Swiss Air unacceptable.I am currently evaluating my options as to what course of action to pursue against Swiss Air. Yours faithfully, Rena Janoobi. Yours faithfully Drena Janoobi (Miss) Service Reference: Eticket No. 7242302476368 Booking No: 2OAW7G

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