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nicola's complaint against

nicola mellor


i paid all inclusive for this was false advertising

Complaint against

I stayed at the Noa Hotel in Oludinez after looking on Trip Advisor and the hotel having great reviews. After saving all year as a single parent I booked for 2 weeks. We arrived at midnight and went straight to bed. Next morning we got up to go for breakfast. The Breakfast Menu was very limited, there were mainly just pancakes and chocolate. My Children went to the drinks machine and just pure juice came out that could not be drunk. We left breakfast and went to find sunbeds around the pool, they had all gone so we had to spend the day on tables and chairs. Lunch time came so we rushed to get Lunch as we were still very hungry and the food again was complete rubbish, there was nothing for the children only pasta, I will eat anything but I found it hard to find anything I liked, again the drinks machines was either not working or just pure juice. We decided to go out of the hotel to get some food, they did have ice cream for the children...for an hour a day.we went back and went to our room and there were three Feral cats on the balcony. I had heard them screeching in the night. Two of my children are allergic to cats so i went to reception and asked if I could be moved. I did get offered another room but it was on the Ground Floor of the Hotel and surrounded by Bushes, hence the Cats were also active around this room so there would have been no improvement for us. Reception did say that they have a problem with stray cats and if I see any to ring reception they will get the housemaids to come and remove them. That night I went back to the room and cats were climbing all over the balcony and mine and my childrens beach towels. Over the 2 weeks our clothes and towels smelt as the cats were urinating on them on the balcony and I also had to go out and get antihistamines for the 2 weeks we were there. There was no entertainment in the day or the night for the kids or ourselves so for 2 weeks my kids had nothing to do. I met up with other couples who all agreed that the hotel was very poor. The food only got worse over the 2 weeks. After the cat incident I did go and speak to the manager who took me in his office and he told me that he gets lots of complaints about the hotel from guests but nothing ever gets done about it and nobody listens to him. Myself and the couples we met spent the whole 2 weeks having to go out at least once a day to have a decent meal. I went to the Hotel bar during the 2 weeks and when I ordered a Beer it came in a small kids glass as they said they had no glasses for Adults. Our room only got cleaned and the bedding changed a total of 5 times over 2 weeks, they had also said there was wi fi but when we queried this we got told it had been turned off so that guests could not put reviews on trip advisor. I did go out and have a look at the reviews after my 5th day there and there was page after page of bad reviews. When I got home and looked again the reviews had been removed as there were that many of them. I met a number of Couples who had arrived within the week before us. They told me they had been told the Hotel had gone into Administration and the Staff were walking out daily as they were not getting paid. My Children and I are bitterly disappointed as we were looking forward to a 2 week break in the Sun after the poor Summer weather we had in this Country. We were lead to believe this was a top Hotel with a high standard of accommodation plus good food and entertainment day & night. I am also very disappointed as I am severely out of pocket as I had to go out of the Hotel to buy food every day.i booked with loveholiday and they said i need to contact heys beds.i have never heard of them and loveholidays have not replied to my emil i sent them 29 days ago.thankyou

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