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Kerry's complaint against

Kerry Smith


Lowcostbeds liquidation

Complaint against

I am 20 years old and this was my first holiday taken with my partner who turned 24 the day we flew out. As you are more than likely aware, you booked my accommodation through low cost beds (a sub-company of low cost holidays) and this company collapsed on the day that we flew to Tenerife (16.07.16). The flights were booked with Thomas Cook and the Transfer from Tenerife airport to our 'hotel' was with Jumbo Transfers, this was all fine, however upon arriving to Checkin Bungalows Atlantida we were greeted by a man on reception who informed us that the company (low cost beds) no longer exists and demanded that we paid 670 Euros for our weeks stay (we only had 480 euros with us for spending money), which we have already paid for. Please bear in mind that it was 2am at this point and we had both been awake for near enough 24 hours. To be told I had nowhere to stay after this was entrusted to you was a shock and a disappointment (although I am aware that this is not your fault). After being unable to contact ANY emergency contact numbers, for Love Holidays or Low Cost Beds we were FORCED to pay 93.57 in Euros (which I have a reciept for) to stay from 3am until 12pm the next day - 9 hours. We were sent to our apartment which was without any sort of air cooling system/fan and looked absolutely nothing like the pictures you had advertised on your website - another upsetting matter for me, especially when there was a rusty nail sticking out of the bathroom floor and cockroaches in the living room, we had booked a "renovated" room which this clearly was not. I then contacted my mum in England, who has assisted me in the situation as I couldn't call any numbers except for mobiles, who called Love Holidays at 10am on Sunday 17th when the line opened. We were told that the matter had been 'escalated' due to the 2 hour deadline as we had to vacate the room at midday. I was contacted by one of your employees - Ashley, who told me to take my phone to reception so he could talk to the staff who were extremely rude and unsympathetic to our situation (one of your other employees agreed that they were rude to her on the phone during a separate discussion). Ashley managed to get us another days grace without paying for another night and assured me that the matter had been handled and that the money would be paid by you as we are protected under your ATOL certificate (which I also have) which states that if any of the companies involved in our booking stops trading, then you would pay, or reaccommodate us "at no extra cost". We were told to check back at reception to see if 'You Travel', which we were told was our new accommodation company, had paid the outstanding balance. We went to reception just before midday on Monday 18th as we had to again be out of our room by 12pm to be told that the balance was still outstanding but we could stay until 4pm, after this we were THREATENED that we would have to leave the premesis. After re-contacting Love holidays I was told I should not pay them "any more money whatsoever", which was fine for someone sat in an office in London to say, but I was terrified as a young adult that I would be kicked out onto the street in an area I didn't know and a language I could barely speak. I actually became that stressed that I had a period - which should not have happened as I am on an injection that stops this (sorry to have to include that). After my partner had returned from reception to hire a fan (35 euros) and a safe (21 euros) and check if the money had been paid (again, still hadn't) he said that the hotel manager had changed her mind and that we needed to pay there and then or we would be out. I was then forced to ask my Mum to pay the outstanding balance of £481.65 (561.42 in euros) on her credit card, which she had to leave early from work to do so. It was discussed with your staff that this money would be completely refunded provided we showed proof of receipt. All was paid on the phone and they re-activated our room key (a scare tactic they continually used to try and force us to pay). By this time I had lost 2 days of my holiday which was paid for twice which is unacceptable. I want my money back which we have paid TWICE. You cant continue to ignore me. I want contact from senior management.

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