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Anna's complaint against

Anna Doyle


Ruined start to holiday & anniversary

Complaint against

We had arrived at our chosen hotel on the 7th August. We had chosen this hotel specifically as we married in Santorini and our family and friends stayed here and we had a great time. This was also our anniversary day. When we arrived the manager apologised and told us we were having to be moved to another hotel as there had been an over booking by the agents. As you can understand we were very upset. As an agent they should have notified us of this change before we flew and given us the chance to either cancel or accept this. We arrived at the replacement hotel. We did not like it, would never have booked it as not as nice and it was also not self catering. I called Loveholidays straight away to complain and requested being moved as was not happy. I was told by an agent that they knew nothing of this, I assume one way with shirking responsibility is to say you are an acting agent and knew nothing, but as an agent you are responsible for passing information on. I was told you would sort this and get back to me asap. We waited and waited around in limbo. few hours past and I still had no communication from them, so called again and was told they had heard back from Jumbo Tours who wa s the hotel supplier, not that they bothered to call me to discuss and pass on. I was told loveholidays were trying to still sort out the hotel situation. Meanwhile our day had gone and anniversary ruined, due to the upset and stress my partner and I ended up arguing! It got to 6pm Greece time and still hadn't heard anything, so called Loveholidays again and was told me that we were to be moved back to Our chosen hotel the next day, offered no alternative accommodation for the night. I was also promised a call before closing as to times and arrangement for pick up in the morning, I did not want another day ruined and taken up with wainting around. Never got the phone call! in the morning, we were 2 hours ahead and loveholidays office was not open. So waiting around. ( breakfast was appalling at this hotel so did not eat - you couldn't call it breakfast). I asked the hotel receptionist if she could enquire her end about what was happening. We were told that we were to pack and being picked up in 30 mins. An hour went by and we were still waiting. I called loveholidays as they were now open and the rep Agreed that the customer service and communication had been terrible. It was suggested that we arrange our own transfer back to Chosen hotel just about finished it off with the service and handling of the situation from Love Holidays. I requested and was told the manager would call me as she was busy on another call.............NEVER GOT IT! I have since returned and sent a letter via email for compensation based on the two days of our holiday ruined and loss of enjoyment for the stress and ruined anniversary. They have told me no for my request for compensation and basically shirked any responsibility by sprouting they are an agent. They had the nerve to offer me £75 voucher off my next booking - as if I would ever want to book with them again! I cannot understand how they think we should just accept how we were treated and out of pocket with two days of holiday ruined and have emailed back that between them and Jumbo tours who provided the hotel, they are both liable for the ruining of the start of our holidays, and why should we be expected to shut up and put up with it, it's ludicrous.

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