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Dominika's complaint against Network Rail

Dominika Szulc-Pilichowska


Heavy trains flying past

Complaint against Network Rail

I would like to complain about the trains flying past the building I live in with great speed making the whole place shake.... I live next to the train station, almost right on the train track so some of that is to be expected of course . However there is a vast amount of trains especially heavy freight ones that do not even try to make an attempt to slow down while passing highly populated areas.....

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I have same/similar problem... regular trains that run even during the night... the vibrations shake the bed and wake me up in a panic.... recent bathroom tiles have moved out of place because of the vibrations... already complained to Network Rail, they don’t care and pretend they have addressed my complaint... quite an evil company in my opinion ... don’t think anyone should use their lines.
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