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Mark's complaint against Network Rail

Mark Andrews


Overly Noisy Un-notified Night Works

Complaint against Network Rail

Once again there is noise coming from Network Rail engineers and there machinery coming from where they keep there equipment in the far end if Swanwick Station car park. My house just happens to back onto this site and I am no more than 30 metres away. Loud voices, machinery being constantly started, stopped and started again with lots of banging and also raised voices from the workers themselves. Any work that is carried out, or equipment that is used for work that has to be moved, we as residents backing on to this site are never informed if even though on your Local Neighbours page on your website, it says we should be. I think the equipment should be stored elsewhere away from residents housing. A lot of people in the road work shifts are there are several young children along here too. The last thing we want us for banging going on through the night, especially for the ones of us that work shifts in safety critical jobs. A response would be grateful received and I am very willing to discuss it further. I hope I don't get fined off or hear nothing back. Regards.

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