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Madison's complaint against TM Travel

Madison Bayliss


Been very rude when entering the bus

Complaint against TM Travel

We were stood at the bus stop on Prince of Wales road and the timetable said 9.01 (bank holiday monday 1st may) and the bus went past before 9.00. We didn't see him till he had gone so walked to the next stop where he was waiting. When opening the doors the driver said"if you're waiting at a bus stop look for a bus not your phone" i replied with you was early to which he said" i'm not, thats not what my card says". He showed my husband and said i run by this. But how were we meant to know that's the time if the bus stop says something else. I wasnt very happy with the way he was speaking as we were going by the bus timetable. I am quite disappointed with the way he spoke to us and his attitude, and if I could avoid using your services in the future I would definitely.

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