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Joan's review of TM Travel

Joan Pettinger



Review of TM Travel

i have travelled on the TM no 20 rotherham to dinnington 4.30 , for 9 ,months about during this time i have had very good drivers however i reported one the other week he was very rude and upset me uncalled for normally i would not do this but it was horrible i have today had another driver telling me off has i banged my leg on a iron rail due to him halting quickly for another vehicle he said report me has you did that other driver and proceeded to tell me he was not concerned never asked if i was ok and i should think on it before i did due to HIS problems and comeback i was was upset as was my hubby told him he was in the wrong then my hubby got told off has well most are lovely drivers on TM BUSES but i wont be travelling on that drivers bus again its put me of tm travel now im 74 and just want a nice day out but there are some times when i feel very uncomfortable on tm buses due to this j

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