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Loretta's complaint against Stagecoach

Loretta Scaife


Rude bus driver

Complaint against Stagecoach

I would like to complain about the appalling behaviour of bus driver of the number 7 bus that I got on, this morning, about 8.13 / 8.14 am on the corner of Clough Road/Beverley Road, Hull. I was stood on the corner of Clough Road/Beverley Road when a number 4 bus and a number 7 bus came at 8.13 / 8.14 am. I put my hand out for the number 7 and got on the bus with 1 or 2 other passengers. As soon as I got on the bus the driver said why didn’t you get on the number 4, I said because this one goes around and that one doesn’t. He said well I’m not going around because I’m late. I went to sit down and as I was walking down the aisle to a seat he said you should have got the number 4 as I’m not going around. He was rude, stroppy, abrupt and aggressive. It had absolutely nothing to do with him what number bus I caught. There was no need for him to make a comment at all never mind two. I couldn’t see the number of the bus but I did see a number of the back of the bus so I don’t know if this is the same. The number is 22789.

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