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Andy's complaint against Stagecoach

Andy McCloud


Bus driver 102 on the 51 bus from welling to woolwich licence plate LX09 ABV @ 11.10am 22.11.16

Complaint against Stagecoach

My fiancee was waiting at the bus stop with our newborn baby boy in his pram, This asshole of a driver pulls up and lets everyone off, as my fiancee tries to get the pram on the bus using the open double doors in the middle of the bus the driver, asshole that he is decides to close the doors on her, now considering there are no other prams on the bus and the pram would be going on first with a 3 week year old baby in it I would consider this as dangerous and without thinking about the well being of a potential passenger and her baby. So my fiancee then decided to then go to the door where the driver is to get on and the pram is a bit bulky which is why it is easier to get on in the middle doors, but as she got to the front doors of the bus all she got was the doors closed in her face given a dirty look as he then proceeded to drive off luckily the driver on the bus behind was actually pleasant and gave her the driver number and she already had the licence plate etc. this could have ended in numerous scenarios luckily my fiancee and baby are fine just a bit pissed off and thank god I was not there as I would not now be sitting in work making a complaint to Stagecoach, I would prob be sitting in a police station giving my statement. If anything had of happened it would be a completely different story drivers like this should not be allowed to drive and have passengers on board when they have no common sense or morals of their own and certainly do not give a damn about anyone or anything. Hopefully this shall be resolved soon or i will keep phoning and end up taking it further and as high up the companies ladder as i can possibly go. Thank you for a crap day due to a complete asshole in your employment.

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