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Gordon's complaint against Stagecoach

Gordon Goddard


Complaint regarding the actions of your driver of the number 3 bus in Hartlepool

Complaint against Stagecoach

At 8:25 (approx) this morning my fiancée and my four year old daughter tried to board the bus. My partner take this service four times a day to take my daughter to school and pick her up. I must also add at this point that my partner is unwell and waiting for two knee replacements and walks with a stick. Back to this morning she was expecting the journey to be ordinary like normal but as soon as she tried to purchase her ticket she was told by the driver "sorry love I don't have any change and I cant change that £10 note". My partner asked him if she could board and receive her change as she got off because then he would have more change as the service is busy at that time. He then told her to go to the shop (the nearest shop is 15 meters away) get some change and wait for the next bus. My partner then said is there no way I can pay for it on my way back she was then told no. she then asked if she could give him the £10 and receive the change from him as she disembarked. He then told her no she cant. She then said what can I do, the shrugged his shoulders and looked at her. She told him that if she was to take the later bus my daughter would be late for school as the next bus is 30 minutes time as this is the only bus that stops here. he just looked at her, she turned to get off the bus and ring a taxi and as she said to my daughter "we will just have to get a taxi or walk darling" he grumbled and said I have some pre-paid tickets here. you will have to take it to the shop and pay there. he searched for a few moments and said "I am sorry I cant find them" again as my partner turned to disembark he again snapped "just give me the money and get on". he then preceded to give her the ticket and the full change, this change which he claimed he did not have enough of. he had a bag of one pound coins which after giving her the correct change still had lots of coins left. This left my Fiancée embarrassed and upset as while the driver was doing all this people were shouting about the bus being held up and by the end of the ordeal every person on the bus was looking at her. as she walked up the aisle a woman said to her "did you not have enough money for a ticket pet". and another said "if you needed the money I would have given you it". These two comments upset her as this was not the case. she had the money and it was no fault of her own that she did not have any change as since the beginning of September she has depleted our change jar simply on bus journeys (school run). She feels that the drivers actions were wrong and his attitude was rude and impolite by his tone and mannerisms. She felt like she had bore the brunt of a driver who was having a bad day, it was 8:30 in the morning how bad could his working day been as it would have just started 2 hours before if that. It seemed that he was picking on her as she was an easy target and he was just looking for someone to take his frustration out on.

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