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Beth's complaint against Stagecoach

Beth n


Outrageous behaviour of bus driver 10/12/16 at 5am Bristol to Exeter

Complaint against Stagecoach

The bus driver on the 5am bus from Bristol Cabot Circus to Exeter treated my 18 year old daughter and her friends appallingly. He was rude, unhelpful and intimidating and he threatened them with not being able to get home if they didn't comply with his demands. 1. He told them the bus left at 5.30am - when it is timetabled for 5am. 2. When they arrived prior to 5am he wouldn't let them on the bus until 5.30, so they had to sit outside in the cold for half an hour. 3. At 5.30 he moves the bus a few yards to the bus stop still not letting them on until they walk down to the bus stop. This was just sheer bloody mindedness, a questionable display of power and contempt. 4. The driver told them they had to wear seat belts, couldn't be drunk and had to be quiet and go to sleep. Seat belts on busses are not compulsory; neither is sleeping. 4. The driver left all the lights on for the duration of the journey so they were unable to sleep, even after being asked politely and repeatedly to turn them off. 5. He continuously harassed them on the journey to keep seat belts on. When, by the way, they were a very peaceful group of young people who actually wanted to sleep. The bus cctv system will corroborate all of this. It will also show that the young people were not unruly nor did they display any anti social behaviour. Overall the driver was unhelpful, rude, and aggressive. He abused his position and bullied a group of polite, tired, young people, threatening them with being dumped 100 miles from home if he didn't obey his unreasonable orders. This driver clearly has issues, he should not be in a public facing role. The young people deserve an apology from the driver and the bus company. They should all be offered free bus tickets as compensation.

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