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Merlina's complaint against Stagecoach

Merlina Waterworth


Stagecoache's Best Kept Secret

Complaint against Stagecoach

When Stagecoach introduced their new no.3 service in Swindon earlier this year it was a very welcome addition, since up until then if I wanted to travel outside of Swindon using their 'day explorer' pass, I would have to walk for up to 30 minutes to get to the nearest Stagecoach route, or else pay an additional £4 on top as the other local bus company won't accept the Stagecoach day explorer on any of their services. I was planning to travel using the day explorer tomorrow together with the no.3 service. When I went online, however, to double check the times, the timetable did not come up on their website. I then checked their service updates to see if the service had been stopped, as I'd heard a rumour via another passenger that they planned to do this, but there was no mention of this in any of their updates, nor did it appear in search results. Surely if they were cutting a service they would announce it and make sure passengers had plenty of warning? I then emailed their enquiries just to double check, and was informed the service has been cut as from August 12th, with no apology. If I had not decided to check the times, I would have wasted time tomorrow stood at a bus stop waiting for the no.3 service. As it is it has taken up a lot of my time just to find out they have axed the service. I have put in a formal complaint to Stagecoach, and am left feeling quite disgusted that they can treat their passengers with such utter contempt. I also think it' s pretty pathetic that there are no Stagecoach buses that run from near to where I live.

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