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Robert Neil's complaint against Stagecoach

Robert Neil Coupe


Two 111 Buses In A Row Never Turned UP

Complaint against Stagecoach

On Saturday evening of 2 December 2017 two 111 buses in a row from Preston to Leyland didn't turn up. They were the 8:15 pm and 9 pm buses from the stop in front of Yates Wine Lodge in Fishergate, Preston. I live in Lostock Hall, and was waiting from 7:55 pm to 9:25 pm during which time no 111 buses turned up. I gave up at 9:25 pm and headed for the train station to catch a train to Lostock Hall because I then thought no 111 buses were coming that night. Home is a 15-20-minute walk from that station. I felt badly let down by Stagecoach for that reason. I was angry about the bad service I got. I was also not very pleased that at 7:15 pm on Thursday, 23 November 2017 while I was waiting at the Fir Trees, Lostock Hall stop that precisely at that time a 111 bus from Leyland to Preston, despite not being very full drove past me without even stopping as if the stupid thick driver didn't notice me waiting at the stop as if he was day-dreaming. I am very dissatisfied with Stagecoach's performance for me as a bus service. It is just not up to scratch. The quality of this service is atrocious. It is too unreliable and inconsistent. I'm convinced I can't rely on Stagecoach to always get me to my destination within my desired time.

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