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Richard's complaint against

Richard Sylvester


[LAPSED] Holiday doubles in price for no reason.

Complaint against

This company seems to change the booking depending on how much commission they want. Called this company and talked to a guy called Roman (0203 697 5333) about the holiday DD3114476181. I saw a good deal on their website for £296. After giving up details the price went up to £500+ in 15 minutes because the hotel was "booked up". Haggled down to £350 with the same "booked up" deal but decided not to book it on principle. Three days later the "booked up" deal was still online so tried to book it again with a man called Bran (020 8511 1787). This time same thing happened but it was the flight that was "booked up" and went up to £450+ this time. Why do prices change so much? Why is the hotel/flights booked up but still available online? Why did i have problems with the hotel on the first call but none on the second call? Answer to them all is Commission. Do not book any holiday with them unless the online price stays the same. If it wasnt for their greed they would have my money now.

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Lapsed. Richard has not responded in 90 days

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sharon addy | | VERIFIED

Good Afternoon Richard, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. is a price comparison website for holidays which are supplied by travel companies who advertise their offers on our site. As such we are not a travel company. I am however very sorry to hear about the issues that you have experienced when speaking to one of our independent travel partners.

sharon addy | | VERIFIED

At we take any expression of dissatisfaction seriously and as such I would like an opportunity to discuss your experience in more detail and hopefully restore your faith in the brand. If you would like to discuss your experience, please contact me at [email protected]

sharon addy | | VERIFIED

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience that you have encountered when attempting to arrange your holiday via our price comparison site. Thanks Alex
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