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Mr Jaroslav's complaint against Etihad Airways

Mr Jaroslav Zejman


Etihad refusing to allow us to fly

Complaint against Etihad Airways

Dear Customer Service, Booking reference: LQQLQX Flight Numbers: EY16 and EY460 I am writing to you to complain about your gate staff refusing to allow me to fly due to an ongoing stomach issue i have been experiencing and I had medication to address. I am generally nervous flyer so when flying from Manchester to Melbourne we checked in with plenty of time to spend in departure lounge. When boarding started people started queuing and I decided to ask the gate staff if there is any chance we can use priority line for boarding because I am nervous flyer and having a bit of an unsettled stomach due to the stress from traveling and airport experience. I advised the member of staff once I sat down put my headphones in and relax I would be fine. I also advised the staff I had medication from my doctor which would settle the stomach and that the doctor advised there would be no issue with me flying. The gentleman at the gate who seemed to be like a gate manager assisting with boarding came to me ask me what was the matter. I told him I am a nervous flyer and about my unsettled stomach. He confiscated my boarding pass and told me and my partner to sit on the side and walked away. After 20 minutes with no communication from any of gate staff or the gentleman he came back on the phone passed me the phone and tell me speak to the person on the phone. I spoke with a very rude sounding women asking me why I brought this issue to the attention of the staff. I told her I was only asking if I could use the priority line to take seat rather then queuing and assured her I would be fine once on the plane. She told me pass phone back to the gate staff. After another long 20 minutes of silent treatment he came back to me and asked me for the name of my medication and I happily gave him that. After another silence when almost the whole plane was boarded he told me "you are not flying today because that medication could affect you while on the plane, We are offloading your bags and staff will escort you from the airport," There was another woman in Etihad uniform turn to us and told us because we booked via Expedia contact our travel agent and tell them we are not flying. I would like to pointed out that I was not examined by medical professional or doctor on that day to tell me I am not fit to fly, waiting by gate with no communication or any kind of support from Etihad staff caused more stress for me. Offloading us from plane almost ruined our holidays in Australia and could have caused us to miss the wedding with our family friends. Your staff offloaded me for having tablets to reduce acid in my stomach which is similar to some over the counter medicine and this almost ruined out first trip to Australia. I contacted my GP in UK while we were in Australia and got Fit to fly certificate with all medication stated and told by doctor that I am fit to fly and I was fit to fly on date of our travel and also that I am nervous flyer/traveler. For me asking for a favor to go on the plane earlier Etihad have removed us form the first flight which caused the cancelation of the connecting flight, more stress and more money spent for new flight tickets with a different company for the same day.

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