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Toricia's complaint against Newport Bus

Toricia Salvo


Unhelpful driver

Complaint against Newport Bus

I arrived at the request stop by Harrow road at 10 20 am today 24/10/17. No bus arrived until 10 50. Despite them supposedly running every 10 mins. I understand there was a problem with a crash on the M4. So that is understandable. What is not acceptable is that he stopped away from the kerb and when asked said he could not lower the step. I have osteoporosis, have broken my legs and pelvis in the past and have no strength in my legs. I could not support my body weight to step up. So after waiting 30 mins in the rain, embarrassing myself in front of a busload of people I had to let the bus go. If he had stopped by the kerb I could have just managed it. And I have to say that this happened once before and the driver got out and assisted me. The bus in question was a 43. Absolutely disgusted.

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