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samantha's complaint against Brussels Airlines

samantha wilkinson



Complaint against Brussels Airlines

on 17th september 2015, my partner and i boarded the brussels airlines 502 flight at 17.55, from JFK new york, to brussels, at the end of a great holiday in the city. we were delayed at takeoff, due to "traffic", but after half an hour, we were on our way home. during the flight, a passenger became ill and we diverted to Shannon in Ireland,where the passenger was taken to hospital and we sat in the plane whilst the passengers bags were located and removed. it was explained by the captain via tannoy that this was because all bags MUST travel with the owner, so they HAD to be removed. this took time, as you can imagine, but this was not an issue as obviously nobody could have forseen this and i sincerely hope the passenger was ok. however, following this is where your airline REALLY lets itself down! because of this diversion, we obviously missed our connecting flight to Manchester, England, so i was very impressed when we disembarked at Brussels to find a group of your representatives there to greet us off the plane and assist us with this issue straight away. in fact, the young lady we spoke with was very helpful, explaining that we had already been allocated seats on a new flight. now we were to take the flight to Frankfurt,Germany, and then on to Manchester, we just had to wait a few hours here at Brussels. she handed us two cards with the flight details on, and my partner asked about our baggage. we were told our baggage would be transferred to the new flight, we DID NOT have to claim it and then check it in for the new flight. we also asked for a gate number, as this did not appear on the details cards she had given us, and we were told the gate would be announced nearer the boarding time, so we were to watch the screens in the terminal and attend the gate once it was displayed. so we sat and waited, and as soon as the gate came up at 12.20pm, we attended. boarding had not yet started so we went directly to the lady at the gate entrance for this new flight operated by lufthansa. once there, we were told we didn't have boarding passes and our luggage should have been checked in. she said WE should have done this before now as they were about to board! my partner started to tell her who had given us instruction and exactly why we had missed our connection, but she very rudely cut him off and gruffly said she had rules to follow and if our bags weren't on the plane, she could not accept us on this flight. (understandable, but did she really have to be so rude about it??). she called somebody to check for our bags and after waiting for a call back, she informed us that our bags were not there, so we could not fly, as ALL bags must travel with passengers. she directed us to Brussels Airlines help desk, turned away and began the boarding process for everyone else. there were other passengers from our jfk flight discussing this having been given the same instructions we were! we went to the help desk and started to explain. we were again cut off mid sentence when we started with "we missed our connecting flight" and the lady at the desk jumped in with "well you needed to ensure you have given plenty of time to check-in prior to boarding", so my partner said we were diverted,and then how could we go to the right gate until the gate number had been given?? . with that, a second lady at the desk butted in and said "no no, this was lufthansa, then they started having a conversation in a foreign language that we could only understand a few words of. i found this extremely rude, as i felt this was deliberate as they were talking about our issue without me knowing what was going on at all!! the second lady then took over and after tapping away on her computer for 10 minutes, she said we had 2 options, either stay at the airport all night, or she could get us on the flight to Hanover, flybe sn2637, and then wait there for a connection to Manchester, be7309. needless to say we took the second option!! at this point,we asked about our bags and were told she was having them placed on the flight to Hanover and she strongly stipulated that they would travel on the connection flight to Manchester too. we did not have to claim them between flights. so we sat, and we waited (we're getting good at that by now!!). we got the flight to Hanover, waited again, and got to Manchester,eventually. so, we go to claim our baggage and guess what? it's not there!! i spoke to a very helpful young lady at the luggage help desk in terminal 1, and she looked on her computer and told us our luggage had arrived earlier that day and was in terminal 3!! so off we go to terminal 3, where i went to the help desk and was told to go round the corner to some telephones, ring the number on the wall to talk to someone in the holding room. as soon as i gave our names to the lady on the line, she said "oh yes, we were wondering which flight you were coming in on", and she brought the two bags out to us. i asked her which flight they had come on, she told me they had come direct from Brussels and had been at Manchester since 8.30pm!! so, how come WE were not allowed to travel without our bags, but are BAGS ARE allowed to travel without us??? we could have been home hours ago if we'd been allowed on the flight to Frankfurt at Brussels, but no, we weren't allowed because our bags weren't on the same flight. well guess what? THEY TRAVELLED ALONE ANYWAY, AND MADE BETTER TIME THAN WE DID!!!! all in all, it was a long and VERY tiring end to our holiday. whilst some of the staff we encountered were very helpful, the majority were either very abrasive and rude, or gave completely incorrect information and instructions, or both!!! i will certainly NOT be recommending your airline to anyone!!

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Jean Paul Guillaume | | VERIFIED

This story is awful. I am glad, in a way, that I read it: it confirms, if need be, that Brussels Airlines is to be avoided. And don't they know that what people hate most is to be ignored? Not responding, personally or through this website, is the most insulting way to make sure you antagonize everybody. How can an airline afford to take stupid risks like this that can jeopardize their business?

samantha wilkinson | | VERIFIED

still no word on this issue!!!

samantha wilkinson | | VERIFIED

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