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Jayne's complaint against A1 Travel

Jayne Bourne


left stranded

Complaint against A1 Travel

I booked to travel to Antalya with A1 travel on 3rd September 2017, when I made the booking I checked all details were correct on the confirmation email I was sent and printed off documents the following day. On Friday 15th September I, Wife, Daughter and Son in Law made our way to the airport and enjoyed 14 days holiday in Turkey. On Friday 29th September 2017 we checked out of our apartment (as stated on our documents) the transfers arrived (as booked) to take us to the airport at 6.30pm for our return flight at 00.40 on the 30th September. When we arrived at the airport we got in the queue to check in, when we finally got to the desk we handed the agent our documents and passports and she proceeded to checked us in sending 3 of our cases down the conveyor belt, then she got to the 4th suitcase (this is where it all went wrong!!) The agent looked worried and said we shouldn’t have been checked in as we were not on that flight our flight time was in fact at 21.25pm on the 30th. I asked the lady to check the time on the confirmation I had handed to her as there must be a mistake the confirmation stated 00.40 30th September 2017. The agent told me to go to the Thomas Cook desk to resolve the issue which we did. My daughter asked the staff at the Thomas Cook desk to look into the problem as we all were certain it was an error, we were basically fobbed off by the staff and told because we didn’t book a package holiday with Thomas Cook that it wasn’t there problem and couldn’t help us as the flight was full. This I found absolutely ridiculous as the holiday wasn’t a problem it was the Thomas Cook Flight that was!! The “cant be arsed” attitude from the Customer Advisors in the airport that night who were supposed to be representing “Thomas Cook” was disgusting they basically couldn’t be bothered to help and left to go home leave us stranded not knowing what to do in a foreign country. Luckily for us there was other Airport staff in the terminal who offered to help us? They then proceeded to book onto the Antalya to Manchester Thomas Cook flight that should have been on, but was informed we wasn’t and it was full (but and we had the paperwork to prove) at a cost of 1.040,00 euros as we had been picked up from our apartments and had no accommodation we felt this was our only option. When we boarded the plane we noticed the flight wasn’t full and had been lied to, this was so distressing for us all and having been a frequent flyer with Thomas cook I feel the treatment I received has will make me think twice about booking with you again. No help was given to us and I’m now a thousand pound out of pocket, I’m 80 years old my wife is 72 this is how people should be treated especially when you’re not in the best of health. I would like to know when our flights were changed. Why we weren’t informed? Why our transfers arrived to pick us up on the Friday? Why we had no accommodation if flight had been change to Saturday? Totally unacceptable

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