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Yaya 's complaint against Britannia Hotels

Yaya Sawo


Booking Reference "144175638941". Very poor service received and i request for a refund

Complaint against Britannia Hotels

I write to complaint about the poor service we received from Britannia Hotel in Leeds (Address: Millgreen View, Ring Road, Leeds, LS14 5QF, UK). We arrived at Britannia hotel in Leeds on the 30/12/2017 and stayed 4 nights (Checked out 03/01/2018). During our 4 nights stay in the hotel, our room was cleaned or done only the day we arrived in the hotel. Our room number "201" has never been cleaned, beds never been done and toilet never been done for 3 days we stayed until we checkout. General manager (Debbie) and Room service Manager (Lauren) were aware of the situation and they did nothing about it. I therefore, hereby claiming for a refund. Half, if not full refund amount. Otherwise, I will take the matter further. I hope you review my complaint closely and resolve the matter accordingly.

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