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Bernadette's complaint against Britannia Hotels

Bernadette Jones


Coventry hill hotel A 4

Complaint against Britannia Hotels

A 4 day break to Stratford and the cotswolds we ended up in Coventry not Stratford this Coventry hill hotel when we arrived it looked like a concrete prison we entered to reception this was dirty asylum seekers lounging they we went to second floor the corridors stinks the carpet outside the room we where given as black tape along it the walls are falling apart the whole place needs fixing it's dirty disgusting what you see from dirty windows over looking staff caroark is rubbish piled high alcohol cans bottles take away containers bins that haven't been emptied for months poss rodent hotel outside. Some one needs to inspect this place the dinning area is no cleaner tables are not wiped the chairs are food of black food stains no one cares to top this the room we are in wallpaper torn stains curtains falling off net curtains black beds that make you tichy bathroom is not clean don't stay here it should come with a warning

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