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Karla's complaint against Britannia Hotels

Karla Maple


Hotel unfit for purpose .. Health and safety issues

Complaint against Britannia Hotels

with this place, the list could go on and on. When we arrived at the hotel there was no parking in the carpark, so we parked on the road by the seafront, which in hindsight was the best option, as it was free and felt safer to leave the car there to be honest. Walking to reception you immediately realise how run down the place is. Rubbish everywhere, including empty and broken glass bottles. There was also many of the guests sitting on the front steps either drunk or smoking, not the best to walk through with our 7yr old daughter. It the tock us 20 minutes of queing at the front desk before getting served, durning this time we witnessed a member of staff having an argument on the phone with a guest, then to proceeded to walk out the back and laugh and joke about the guest with colleagues not very professional at all. The next guest was so drunk (obviously had been drinking in the hotel bar) that he couldn't remember a name to check in. Eventually we got to the desk only for a very angrey man to storm to the desk and shout at staff about there being blood everywhere in the hotel room him and his family had just checked in, Describing in detail all the places the "splatter" was in his room. Our seven year old daughter by now had got worried and looked panicked realy not a good start. The member of staff checking us in was polite but omg slow, it tock 15 minutes and he kept disappearing out the back after each sentence with no explination of what he was doing. Realy was like a bad comedy sketch. We probaly should of left after all these warning signs, but we decided to go to our room. Just walking down the corridors to the end wing, your confronted with more rubbish, empty bottles, broken/Ripped and extremely dated furniture. The smell is just as bad musty and stale smoke. Getting to our room the door wasn't even locked and that was just the start. Wallpaper hanging of the ceiling, plug sockets not fixed to the walls, dust, old dated musty furniture and tv so old it didn't recieve a proper signal. We were unable to use the hot tap as it wasn't  fixed into the sink propaly and just kept spinning around. I wish that was the end and we could at least sleep and go but that wasn't the case. At 1am the fire alarm went of twice!!!! No member of staff was visible for help. Nor did we see any member of staff checking that people where ok, or explaining the situation. Word of mouth informed us it was a false alarm and to go back to our rooms. At 7am the fire alarm went of again! We had enough and just wanted to check out. Staff were not interested in our complaints nor did the express any concern or offer any form of apology. The member of staff did however tell us the fire alarms where due to a guest smoking in their room!! They gave us a email of customer services and said we had to email them to pursue a refund as they were unable to do so, but they thought it was unlikely we would get one due to the reasons we stated. Complete joke we had to laugh or we most probaly would of cried This place needs some serious investment or just knocking down.

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