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Jiri's complaint against Weekender Breaks

Jiri Kulhavy



Complaint against Weekender Breaks

Mystery getaway is not a draw but on-a-piece-of-paper DIY'd holiday. when they give you a call, they make a quick search to the cheapest destination from your preferred airport at one of your "preferred dates". Then they find cheapest hotel in the destination. They purposefully find the least convenient flights so they can make a bigger profit on you with supplementary charges for earlier/later flights. In our case they booked us to Lake Garda. They offered two insane early flights from Gatwick to Milan Malpensa airport. The saturday morning return flight was so early we would have to leave hotel at Lake Garda before midnight. For supplementary charge of £56 they swiftly offered a later departure. Of course you would not ruin your holiday so you accept it. It is their way of making more profit on you. Similarly the hotel has breakfast included to all guests and such offer is part of any bookings on any website or made to any supplier (I checked with hotel when realized I was tricked). And yes of course you pay extra fat supplementary charge for that too, because their supplier does not have that option (it is a lie and if you confirm no breakfast option, you would get it anyway!) In addition the hotel is over 2-hour drive from the airport and there were many closer and similarly priced flight options (Bergamo, Verona to name a few!) and with better time alternatives. But that would be a change of destination for them and subject to another fat supplementary charge. In addition they force you to confirm the made-up itinerary immediately when on the phone and if you are taking time to think about it they force it that they will book the original if you will not answer straight away. Their ace is the fact it is a mystery holiday, pre-sold and "subject to availability". And of course they only sort a hotel and flights for you, nothing else. Parking, airport transfers, car rental...all with another fat supplementary charge. I sent a complaint email later the same day but received a long and very irritating email all along the lines you agreed and you were informed. I strongly disagree with everything they wrote but all I can do now is to try to enjoy this holiday, suck the trick up and not think about it. Unfortunately it seems people (including myself) only look for advice and reviews when already trapped with their overpriced inconvenient holiday. Beware and if you have already bought this mystery lottery trap ticket, make sure you will make a research on the destination and different flights before you confirm anything to them. Just tell them you need to think about your dates and destination or that you have to ask you boss if you could have those days off.

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