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Sami's complaint against Weekender Breaks

Sami Mirwald


Groupon deal which has cost a fortune

Complaint against Weekender Breaks

I booked with groupon for a mystery get away for my boyfriends 40th. The deal cost 298 for two people, flying from London airport for 3 nights with return flights and hotel with bed and breakfast. I was then called the following morning by weekender breaks and I was going to riga on the 8th April . I explained that the deal I bought was from 10th April - May. I was then told if I insisted on going the , the fights would be an additional £120 and if I didn’t pay there and then, I would lose the entire booking. I was pressured into making this additional payment, and went straight on to groupon customer service to make a complaint and submit a cancellation. I was told no problem send the details over from weekender breaks, but although I did this, groupon just kept sending me emails saying as they hadn’t heard from me, the weee closing the complaint. This happened until it go to the point of no return on refunds of the voucher. I accepted this and decided to check how much it would have cost me to book directly for this trip as it seemed expensive, and I found that although I had paid £418 , the flights with Ryan air were only £113 for both of us, and the hotel £103 for all 3 nights! Not such a bargain. The day before we weee due to fly I got an email after I had checked on with Ryan air, that came from weekender breaks directly, stating I needed to contact Ryan air regarding my ‘specialist medical equipment’. I did this, to be told that I would need a doctors certificate to take my insulin pump on board and to get through security, and they had informed in in advance to the email address that I used for my booking . This turns out to be an email address that was created by weekender breaks so I didn’t have any control of access over the Ryan air booking! Absolute shambles. Unfortunately, despite spending 4 hours in the doctors surgery attempting to get such letter (have only been on the pump since November and wasn’t made awarecthix was different to my previous diabetes management for the past 16 years, to which I did have a letter but it didn’t specify pump) I then had an issue with airport security (separate complaint) and missed our flight. Now I have been to Ryan air check in desk directly, and as I didn’t make the booking myself I can’t get a refund or manage the booking, and weekender breaks when I try to contact are saying on a recording that the person I am trying to get through to is currently unavailable. I have now come back home, in total nearly £600 down, and not trip to show for it. I would never book through this company again, and would ensure I make everyone I know aware. It’s a massive scam

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