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Hanna Karoliina's complaint against Weekender Breaks

Hanna Karoliina Karttunen


Misleading mystery holiday "DEAL"

Complaint against Weekender Breaks

I purchased a mystery holiday "deal" where I would pay £99 per person for a mystery holiday and it was said I could save up to 86% (or about). So I was expecting to get a holiday that AT MINIMUM would be worth £198. When I was called to give the holiday destination I had to check the details of the trip on my phone while feeling pressured by the agent to answer to the email to confirm the booking. While speaking with the agent, I felt HIGHLY uncomfortable and pressured into just accepting what was sent to me without having the time to even eg. think about whether we really should pay the additional £60 to get an evening flight that would allow us to leave at a proper time, rather than having to leave for the airport at 3AM (this is what the agent said to me!). I was not even allowed to take time to think if we would in reality want to pay for the "upgrade"! And I requested to do so! Now that I have had a chance to look at the holiday and what was given to me, it is clear that I was scammed. I can find this exact holiday and pay apprx. £150 if I book everything myself (same hotel and using Ryanair, which the company is using) OR if I wish to take flights that are more conveniently timed, and a package holiday with BRITISH AIRWAYS I can pay £185 altogether. Whereas for this exact same holiday, Weekender Breaks has now scammed me out of £260!!! They have claimed that everything is above board, because they have ATOL (btw, British Airways has this as well). That's the gist of why they think this price is justified. Absolutely bonkers. They are at the moment refusing to refund me even though I think it is only fair, because I have been misled and sold something that is not worth the price I paid.

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