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Katie's complaint against Weekender Breaks

Katie Mack


Misled and scammed

Complaint against Weekender Breaks

My boyfriend bought two "mystery getaway" vouchers through Wowcher. It said in Wowcher's terms and conditions that we could refund it if we were given a country we didn't want. We thought it was risk-free. In the second of January the company which Wowcher has the deal with, Weekender Breaks, phoned my boyfriend to alert us to the country we had been given. We were able to change from Prague to Berlin no problem. However, my boyfriend was lured into buying different flights as these were better. Why those better flights weren't offered in the first place I have no idea. He was then asked to confirm if his details (passport etc) were correct. He confirmed. He did NOT confirm that we wanted to book the holiday but that is what they did. Not only that, our hotel will be 2 hours outside the city centre and instead of two days in Berlin we will only be there for a day and a half. They are an absolute shambles of a company and they care little about customer service. They have refused to give us a refund but we're not giving up. We emailed immediately after they phoned us to alert them that we had found better flights and better accommodation for about the same price so we no longer wanted their deal. Apparently that didn't matter and they still won't give us a refund. AVOID AT ALL COSTS WOWCHER HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDER BREAKS.

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