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Lucy's complaint against Weekender Breaks

Lucy Howe


Not what they seem

Complaint against Weekender Breaks

If I could give zero I would. I spoke to someone who appeared shady and trying to rush me into accepting an offer after making me pay an extra £80 for flights or lose two days of a fount day break to Paris. To be honest I could barely understand what he was talking about as he flitted from subject to subject which is a distraction technique. I repeatedly told him I was at work with limited time. I checked with him that my two hotels as on wowcher would be for filled. He was vague but said it would be a dlp hotel, which it isn’t an affiliated one like me advertised another mistruth. He sent an email confirmation that I couldn’t reply to as it repeatedly bounced back whilst phoning me nearly to twenty times and sending repeated messages whilst I was at work. I already said I couldn’t talk as I had clients but he wouldn’t stop, so I ended up confirming the trip without being given time to look at it. Upon getting home I checked and they have put me in a not upto standard cheap hotel not either of the two choices specified on wowcher and confirmed by myself on the phone. The wowcher is more expensive than booking the trip ourselves. Repeatedly tried to get in touch with them to basically be told tough luck. I requested the manager to email me this hasn’t happened. I am raising the despute with wowcher and citizens advice as they harassed me into booking and paying more but now they have hugely overcharged me they have gone off the radar. I’m speaking legal advice through a friend who is a lawyer as it seems they are doing this to a lot of people and they shouldn’t get away with it. They repeatedly break the terms of the wowcher which is the contract. I wasn’t initially asking for a refund just simply for the correct hotel to be on my booking. I’m now going to have to take this as far as I can as this is a poor set up that needs stopping for the sake of others not just myself. I have never experienced such pressure and confusion to be forced into a booking that isn’t correct and charged more money it’s a disgrace. I shall be contacting the correct hotel and Disney as they won’t want such a company using their logos. Luckily I have screenshots of the volume of calls and should be able to get a recording of all the phone calls. I have also saved all the emails including the many bounced ones. I’m still awaiting either a £50 a night refund as they is the difference in hotel prices, a change of hotels to one of the two correct ones which would be preferable or a full refund including the extra £80 they have charged for flights.’i again was told this wouldn’t be taken until June but it was removed on the day. I have contacted my credit card as I’m concerned about fraud going forward. Obviously if I have to go to the hotel they have put me in I will be forced to leave terrible reviews and use weekender break and wowchers name in the review as it’s an inferior hotel and not what we booked. I am also a member of a lot of holiday and Disney forums so warn anyone I can to not use this company as I’d hate for even more people to ripped off although unfortunately looking at their reviews on various sites it’s well known. What a shame wowcher have lowered themselves to using such companies.

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Shenny Pb | | VERIFIED

They are just a bunch of liars! Made a huge mistake of buying though wowcher a deal for Brussels. The team was not helpful at all and the manager Nick just covered the team fault and kept lying so - that says much about this company! DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM OR IF YOU DO BE PREPARED TO BE RIPPED OF OR TOLD LIES.

Shenny Pb | | VERIFIED

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