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Gary's complaint against Weekender Breaks

Gary Lyness



Complaint against Weekender Breaks

We just paid £198 (£99 each) to Wowcher for a Mystery Holiday Lottery style draw for holidays ranging from 3-4 nights long haul to 2 night European breaks. We went on the assumption it would likely be a Euro City break but was still a bargain. The deal was with weekenderbreaks.com. The "draw" took place and we were contacted over a week later not to be notified of which holiday we had "won", but to book a holiday based on our departure airport/date choice. ##Warning## We were given a late afternoon departure time and then immediately offered a early morning flight for a supplement of £68 - of course on a 2 night stay you'd take this option otherwise you've lost an entire day of little time you have. They also upsold breakfast at £18. This had to be agreed immediately on the phone - they held the line until you replied to their email to confirm. Researching the holiday then we found NO flights at the original departure time, the hotel also offers complimentary breakfast. Booking direct the flights/hotels booked cost less than the original £198 paid, so the Weekender Breaks have just pocketed the difference and the additional supplements. That to me amounts to deception to obtain funds = FRAUD. Have emailed full complaint and waiting to see what they do. But I would AVOID these deals!

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