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Michelle's complaint against Weekender Breaks

Michelle Adams


Weekender Breaks Scam

Complaint against Weekender Breaks

Like many people I have fallen into the trap of booking a wowcher for a so called mystery getaway with Weekender Breaks. Of course they only had the cheap european destinations available, even though the advertisement enticed me with mentions of Bali and Los Vegas, obviously a lie. So they customer service team phones me today with options of what I know from travelling quite frequently are the cheaper destinations during months that are practically dead for tourism. I decided to go with Lake Garda as I like many others were pressured into making a snappy decision. He then went on to explain the flight times (which of course were the extremely early times) meaning that I wouldn't get my full 3 days worth of holiday. He then went on to say he can upgrade the flight for £37 per person, so altogether £78 for both me and my partner. I was quite hesitant and to try and get me even more he said I need to make a decision quick as there are only 4 seats left on this particular flight and he will also include free breakfast. It sounded quite reasonable to I agreed. I wasn't able to pay the extra £78 at the time as I was out, so he made me email him whilst on the phone explaining that I confirm the booking and will pay an extra £78. So when I got home I thought it sounded a bit expensive for what it was so I did some research for the same flights and hotel and of course its £100 cheaper than the price I paid and would be £178 cheaper if I go on to pay for the upgrade (which I'm not going to do). The pressure and the lies that the company operate by are unethical and should be against the law. The fact that Wowcher, Groupon and all these other websites advertise this rubbish is beyond me. I would really like some help for getting my £200 back now.

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