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robert's complaint against Imagine Cruising

robert Smith


They retain deposit without justification.

Complaint against Imagine Cruising

Imagine Cruising have very contradictory Terms & Conditions for cancellations, I requested a holiday cancellation 50 weeks ahead of the holiday and would expect them to have some costs but not £700! They refused to accept my cancellation unless I said I understood that the £700 or any part of it would be refunded. I asked them for a copy of the invoices they had paid to their suppliers but they refused to do so. Their Essential Holiday Information they sent with my booking receipt says under cancellations we will contact the relevant tour operators to ascertain any applicable charges and these will be confirmed to you prior to cancellation. They are refusing to confirm these to me in writing. Under Package travel arrangements they say in addition travellers may at any time before the start of the package terminate the contract in return for an appropriate and justifiable termination fee. They are refusing to do this in writing. In their terms and conditions it says in one place up to the maximum shown below(full deposit) and in their Essential Holiday Information Cancellation £75 per person except where the cancellation charges are 100% of the holiday costs. As they told me 100% costs don’t apply then surely £75 per person applies. They also sad that I didn’t pay enough deposit and they are “letting me off” from paying more! They sent me a copy of my booking recording which they said proves I was told that I'd only paid half of the due deposit. I listened to the recordings they sent and it is not mentioned anywhere that the full deposit should be £1,400 only that I was paying a low deposit. The invoice sent does not mention the fact that the deposit should have been more it just gives final payment amount and due date for it. I shall never use this company again.

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