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Louise'ann's complaint against Abellio Greater Anglia

Louise'ann Wakefield


Appalling services!

Complaint against Abellio Greater Anglia

I don't normally have to complain about anything as I'm not that sort of person that will complain about the simple things. But this is ridiculous. Got the 8.44am Train from Brandon to Norwich today (06th September 2018) Train came around 8.48. Conductor did let me know that we may arrive to Norwich a little late (fair enough had same experience the day before) I went to go get my bike just before arriving to Norwich so I could run to get my next train to Great Yarmouth at 09.36. Got off the train around 09.34, ran as fast as I could and as it was early obviously people will be about. Ran to platform 4, went to go to the door, to see if they would let me on, the guy behind the door said no too late. (I believe I was there right on time) So now waited till 10.36 for the next train (which had made me late for work) got on this train. 10.35, doors still open. Train from Cambridge arrives on another platform, for my train to wait 3 MINUTES to let people from Cambridge get on!! Bare in mind the conductor on Cambridge to Norwich train I was on rang Norwich station to say I needed to get the 09.36 train! So why is it OK to hold one train a bit later to let 10 odd people on, other then just let 1 person on! Two days in a row it's made me an hour late to work. Oh and another thing to add, the customer service is appalling, sat on the second train for 15-20 minutes before it was due to leave, when the people who clean came on. A young lad who worked for Greater Anglia with dark brown/auburn colour hair, had a bit of an accent, was swearing with another Greater Anglia worker infront of passengers. Was going to see what his name was but he did NOT have a name tag on. It's either Greater Anglia need to sort their services out or get some new staff! £16.90 for their services to be late and having bad experiences!

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