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Kevin's complaint against Abellio Greater Anglia

Kevin Anderson


USELESS train company!

Complaint against Abellio Greater Anglia

Have been getting the train to work from Alresford to Colchester town for a couple of weeks, thinking it was the better option than driving in, despite the absolutely STUPIDLY early train I have to get (08:09) to get to work for 9am (12 minute journey) and the fact that I finish work at 17:30 and the train leaves at 17:37 with the next another hour later. It was going ok-ish until today. Mad rush to station after work and the train was still at the station, but I couldn’t get on because the door wouldn’t open. Conductor leans out of the window to tell me I’d missed it! I said, “No I haven’t. You’re still here!” He says, “It’s 5:37. You’ve missed it. The train was there for another whole MINUTE while I rang for a taxi!!!! That’s the LAST time I use their useless trains. From now on, I’ll drive my comfortable car to work and pay £3.30 to park instead of the £5.90 train ticket and leave later without standing on a cold platform. GREAT way to lose customers, Abelio! You won’t be seeing my money again!

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