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Kalsang's complaint against KLM

Kalsang Bumo


Complaint for airticket that was issued and later declined.Contacted head office but no response yet

Complaint against KLM

Copy of my complaint letter to head office: The Head of Department KLM Europe-Customer Care Centre TSA 21235 75564 Paris Cedex 12 France To Whom It May Concern Dear Sir/Madam, This is my formal written complaint about the incident happened to my husband Norbu Tsering at Chengdu international airport in China on the 18th May 2015. It started when I had to cancel my trip on the 29th April, 2015 due to problem with my son, Tenzin Nyawatsang’s visa secondary to lack of information from the Chinese officials. Then I went downstairs to the Airline check in desk to take my luggage back and change the travel date, I was given a number to contact the customer service by one of the top official from KLM office in Hong Kong who was on a official trip to Chengdu at that time to change the travel date when I have a fixed date of travel. I was more than ready to cover reasonable extra charge to change my travel date. After trying number of times to call the customer service number to change the date, I failed. Then on the 1st of May, 2015 I had to come to airline office at Chengdu international airport to change my travel date myself after failing to contact the airline customer services via phone for numerous times. When I arrived the office I met one guy from cargo department. I was told that I wouldn’t be able to see any body from ticketing service as it was a national holiday and also the number I was given to contact the customer service was a wrong number. I was so disappointed having to go through all these distress moment where I couldn’t speak the language of the common people. Out of great sympathy with all kindness in the world, the guy from cargo helped me to contact Kevin, who is the head of passengers or ticketing service and I was told to come back to Airport the next day to obtain the new ticket without charge. I was really thankful for that. I was also delighted to hear the news and thanked everyone for their sympathy and kindness. The next morning on the 2nd of May, 2015 After I arrived at the airport, I was issued tickets by the same official member from Honkong, I met on the 29th April,2015 and she printed out the ticket for my husband and younger son, Tenzin Nyawatsang at the check-in service desk, Chengdu Airport for the 18th May,2015, (the copies of which are attached with this letter). I and my big son Tenzin Yeshi could travel back to London on the same day (2nd of May, 2015) after they issued a boarding pass. All in all, I made sure that everything was alright before I left China else my husband wouldn’t be able to deal with it due to language barrier. Later When I got to London, I sent the copy of the tickets to my husband for proof. Everybody gave me 100% assurance. If I wasn’t given assurance about the ticket on the day I left China on the 2nd of May,2015, I would have bought a new ticket for my husband before his travel date. Finally on the 18th of May, 2015 when my husband and younger son arrived at the airport, they were told that ticket was not booked at all. When my husband showed the copy of ticket, he was told they didn’t issue any ticket at all. Where the ticket was printed…………………..so and so. Out of desperation, my husband called me around 4 a.m. London timing as he couldn’t express anything. So I called Kevin and explained about the ticket. Then I was told for the first time that it was just a seat booking not a ticket. If it was just a seat booking how could I travel with a seat booking only with my son Tenzin Yeshi on the 2nd of May when all the tickets were booked at the same time and same place. Please find the copy of the ticket attached with this letter. Secondly they told me that they couldn’t issue a new ticket to my husband due to the fact that his ticket was bought at a very cheap price. If that is the case how could they issue a new ticket to me and my son Tenzin Yeshi. We all bought the ticket at the same time with a booking ref: UXUNMY. (ticket attached) Although, I was told that I was issued 3 tickets for free but the expense of my husband’s ticket (£1600) at the last minute could cover the expense of the other 3 tickets plus my husband didn’t have to go through distress and anguish at the airport on the 18th May. He wasn’t even assisted to buy tickets at all. Even Kevin mentioned that the travel agent at the airport charged the ticket at very high price. If that is the case why someone from the airline spared 5 minutes to assist my husband to buy ticket. All in all, my husband was taken advantage for not being able to speak English or Chinese. He was even warned of loosing the flight if he didn’t buy a new ticket which is disgrace. This is not the way how you treat your customer who is vulnerable. My husband was very vulnerable at that time not being able to communicate and express his feelings. I am sure that this unpleasant incident wouldn’t have happened if I was there with my husband. At least I could clearly explain everything. Therefore, I made several complaints via phone and online, but no one has tried to understand the point I have mentioned above. They were just focussing on the 3 free tickets issued and issue with my son’s visa. I never blamed the Airline about my son’s visa. All I am asking is why my husband had to go through such a stressful moment with my younger son which is unacceptable. I deserve explanation and compensation for the incident happened on the 18th of May, 2015. If they couldn’t issue a ticket for my husband, how come they didn’t tell me on the day, I travelled. How come no body told me, instead of issuing a new ticket for my husband on the 18th May. I work for government organizations and I also deal with complaints on a daily basis. It should be fair and explanatory. In one of the emails I received from customer care, I was written that the case is closed and the department will not engage in any further communication (over the telephone or in writing) with regards to this incident. Which I think is disgrace when no body gave answer to all the questions about the incident happened to my husband on the 18th of May,2015. Last but not the least, I am sending this letter with a hope to hear positive and sensible result. Thanking you in anticipation Sincerely Kalsang Bumo (Ms.)

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