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Steven's complaint against 321 Travel

Steven Furness


[LAPSED] Misleading rip off company

Complaint against 321 Travel

Booked a holiday and got a call back within. 20 mins to say flights from Cyprus were via Athens then Amsterdam then east. Midlands Read terms so fast they knew exactly what they were doing. Told they don't record calls but they lied Asked for data on me, no reply Data protection are looking in to this company. Small claims here we go. Steven

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Lapsed. Steven has not responded in 90 days

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321 Travel | | VERIFIED

I don't understand the full details of the complaint above. You booked a seat saver holiday during the October half term with an in direct flight that made the holiday hundreds of pounds cheaper per person. During the terms you are told 'if you need clarification or do not understand, please stop us at any point'. You are then told seat saver fares will involve flights that are in direct, involve

321 Travel | | VERIFIED

a stop or change of aircraft en route'. We cannot book you onto the cheaper fare then change you over to a direct flight within the budget you wished to pay. Flights were direct on the way out and had a stop on the return. We do not record all calls as there is no obligation to do so as travel is not FCA regulated.

Steven Furness | | VERIFIED

You really are missing the point. I booked a holiday 5 days after being ripped off for £100 by your company for less money and direct flights. Who are you trying to kid? Data protection are investigating you as we speak due to you not providing me with the information I requested. You said it was a cancellation charge and told me it MIGHT be an indirect flight. What a thieving company this is

Steven Furness | | VERIFIED

Yes you do record calls as you played it back to me. I recorded this recording so will prove it in the small claims court and to data protection because you were served a subject access request which you have illegally ignored. I have submitted a claim against your company and await your response

321 Travel | | VERIFIED

We do not keep all calls as there is no need due to the fact travel is not FCA regulated. Card details etc are destroyed. We will await your court papers. Many thanks.
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