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Mark's complaint against 321 Travel

Mark prothero


[LAPSED] Wrong flights wrong apartments wrong name

Complaint against 321 Travel

Hi Firstly I booked an holiday to Benidorm with direct flights now have an indirect flight via Glasgow then my partners name was wrong only on the flight to Alicante to Bristol and when I looked at the apartment it was the wrong one that was advertised when I rang them up they were abusive and not very helpful I paid 770 pound for this I've had no terms and conditions they should not be allowed to trade I've been reading the reviews on TripAdvisor and no one as a good word to say we are supposed to be flying on the 29/12/2016 our new year as been ruined we can't go via Glasgow we have to be in work the next day I will not be booking with these again and also it's a non refundable holiday how convenient

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321 Travel | | VERIFIED

Firstly let us apologize on the experience you feel you had, but I must state the facts we have as per the call recording. You agreed the full costs of the holiday on the call. You were also played back the call to confirm this, this also confirmed to you that the flight times were also agreed. You rang a week later as the name was incorrect and we changed this for you free of charge.

321 Travel | | VERIFIED

We ask for no later than 24 hours if a mistake is spotted, but still this was corrected for you with no extra charge. The hotel change was out of our control by the supplier, but as advised within our terms and conditions. Having said that you were changed from a like for like hotel which were just 500 metres apart.

321 Travel | | VERIFIED

You have listened to the calls where everything was agreed and became very aggressive to staff as you wasn't being given the answer that you wanted. You are also focusing on a biased argument with regard to reviews. We have hundreds and hundreds of good reviews across many platforms, Trust Pilot and Review Centre to name a couple.

321 Travel | | VERIFIED

But you have chosen just to focus on one forum where people go to complain, failing to mention the hundreds of other good reviews. I believe this complaint has risen from the fact the in direct flight was clearly stated on the call, because you were adamant this was not confirmed to you with the call disputing this fact, you have become very defensive about the situation...

321 Travel | | VERIFIED

and taken your issue to the internet. Should you choose to listen to the call again we will keep it filed for future use. 321 Travel.
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