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Mitul's complaint against Iberia



3 leg of my E-ticket was cancelled by the airline and i had to purchase another ticket

Complaint against Iberia

I had a problem with my return journey from Columbia (Bogota) (3rd leg) at the airport regarding my E-ticket. When I reached the airport I was advised by your Iberia customer services my ticket was cancelled and I was not allowed to check in onto the flight. I was advised that the only way I can board the flight was to purchase another ticket and wait to see if I can return on the flight. I tried to explain to the staff that I have a valid ticket and you cannot refuse and they said my ticket was cancelled. This was very confusing as I had a valid return ticket and my travel agency confirmed my ticket was ok and has confirmation by the airline. This was very worrying and I had to return home that day and they said I can only travel if I buy another ticket By checking the history my booking you can check i used 3 legs of the tickets except the 3rd leg of my journey from Bogota to Madrid . If there was an issue with the ticket I wound not been able to use the first, second and fourth legs of the same tickets so this was very frustrating I had to purchase another ticket 075-2363245411 at a cost (2,173,506 COP) and also had additional charges on my credit card to get home, I raised the issue with the customer service in madrid and said I had a valid reason for a claim for the additional cost which I reported but I have had no response. I have called then a number of times but they keep saying someone will contact me.

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