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Anthony's complaint against Tour Center

Anthony Madden



Complaint against Tour Center

They’re an extremely dodgy company. They put me under an extreme amount of stress and almost ruined my whole holiday. It got to a point where I was dreading going to Iceland and couldn’t stop thinking about how they done me over. Here’s my story of my experience with them. I was browsing through wowcher deals for Iceland. I came across one saying “Iceland Getaway with flights”. There was a listing for the 6th of March for £189 PP available to book. It includes flights to Reykjavik and a 2 night stay at the arctic comfort hotel with tour center uk. I booked it. I redeemed the code on Wowcher and that was that. A few days later I received an odd phone call from someone from Tour Center asking me if I am flexible to go on another day or do I really want to go on the 6th. I said well I booked it for the 6th and I’ve been billed now, so yes preferably I would like to go on that day. He said ok I will give a call back very shortly and let you know. He never called me back. Almost 6 hours later, I decided to call them and find out what that call was about. I spoke to a different agent who said that unfortunately the hotel is fully booked and there are no flights available for the price I have paid on that day! My girlfriend booked work off for the 6th – 8th later that day. So the 6th was the only day we could now go. I had been billed and have redeemed the holiday. So I was under the impression that there is no refunds which it states in the fine print “No cancellations or changes once redeemed.” So he said on the phone that they can get me a flight on the 6th if we pay an additional £127. I stupidly agreed through desperation of needing to go and feeling like I had no choice. He backed me into a corner where I felt like I had no choice. He then found me an apartment to stay in called einholt apartments instead of the arctic comfort. In all fairness the apartment was quite nice and had good ratings, so I agreed to it. However, later I found out that I had paid a lot more than what was advertised originally, and paid a significant amount more than what the apartment’s price was elsewhere. For two nights in the exact same room in the exact same apartment, on, it was listed for £197. That’s £98 per person! So if they asked me to pay an additional £127 (£63.50 pp) for flights, where did the rest of the money go? It works out that I paid them £100 or £200 in total more than what I could of spent if I did the booking myself without them. So from stumbling across it on Wowcher, I thought £189 PP for hotel and flights was a good deal, only to find that it ended up costing £252 pp. Why would they advertise something for a certain price that includes a hotel that’s fully booked and flights that can’t be booked unless more money is paid? That’s false advertisement! On top of that, why am I paying £252, when the apartment is £98 for two nights? Surely the remaining £91 of the £189 is more than enough to book a flight from London to Reykjavik? If it isn’t, don’t advertise that £189 is enough to go on the 6th of march! So in light of this information, I called Tour Center the next day and was very upset with them. I explained everything and they told me to call back the next day as I will be able to speak to a manager. I spoke to a manger and re explained the situation. I said to him that I totally understand that everything is booked and there is no way I will get a refund. I said to him however, that I cannot justify paying an extra £127 when you advertised something for a certain price, and couldn’t deliver a service for that price. I asked simply for some sort of compensation, as they do offer an upgrade package for Northern Lights or Airport to hotel transfer. We came to an agreement and he offered me complimentary free airport transfer’s both ways At this point I thought that was that. An agent sent me a confirmation of the transfers and I patiently awaited for the tickets for everything to be sent to me. This however is where things took a turn for the even worse, where I discovered that this company really was dodgy. After a few days, I started to chase them as I did not receive various tickets. I received the flight tickets, I checked in, and then realised I needed a hold luggage. On the easyjet site, it would not let me add additional luggage unless I was the original booker, so I had to contact Tour Center for that. On top of that, I was told original that in the apartment, there is no reception and you will be emailed a pin to access a door where you will pick up your room key. However, with only 4 days to go before I set off for my holiday, Tour Center still had not provided me with one. I had also been 3 days since the agreement of the airport transfer addition to my package. So on Thursday I called up Tour Centre and enquired about the three things. Can I have my pin number for the apartment, can they add a hold luggage to my flight booking at of course an additional cost, and has my airport transfer been booked yet as I have not received a ticket for that yet. The agent said that he will need to look into it all and will give me a call back. He did not. I called back the next day on Friday and enquired about the same things. He told me that I will need to call back tomorrow where I can speak with the original agent who can deal with these things. He did say in regards to the easyjet luggage however, that for £60 I can add an additional luggage, but if I wait for the original agent to do it, it will be £50. Which in its self seems strange. I said I will call back tomorrow. I called back tomorrow on Saturday and I got a similar response where he said that the original agent is not in until tomorrow, I complained and said that I was told the exact same thing the day before, and now I’m being told that he is still not in. The agent promised me that the original agent will be in on Sunday. So I called on Sunday. Sunday arrived, with only two days to go until I leave on Tuesday the 6th of March. I called in the early afternoon and finally, I was able to speak to the original agent who dealt with my booking. I enquired about the three things and this was his response. I will look into adding hold luggage to your flights, I will let you know later today. His response to the apartment enquiry was that he sent me the pin in the booking email. However, in the booking email, I received flights and a confirmation of the apartment with the property name and address. In the confirmation it says “There is no front desk at this property. Guests will receive an email with special check in instructions and the front door code prior to their arrival.” I explained this to him and he said that the booking reference is the front door pin code. The 3rd question, the airport transfer, he said that he will get that booked now, and I should receive tickets soon, maybe tomorrow. I said so it hasn’t even been booked yet after all this time? I don’t have until tomorrow, I don’t want a maybe. He started to hesitate and said ok you will get them today. I was starting to get extremely agitated and was going to call in anger but then I suddenly received an email from him 5 hours later. It was the pin and instructions for the apartment. This was a fantastic start, and I was happy that it only took 5 days of continuous asking. (Sarcasm) Afterwards, I called him, (notice how it is always me doing the calling) I asked about the other two things. He said that he has been unable to sort out my luggage as he has not been able to get through to anyone on the phone. This was due to the fact that there was a high volume of calls at easyjet due to the bad weather. I said to him that I totally understand that, and mentioned that you can do it online, and asked why couldn’t he just do it online? He hesitated and said it’s because he was too busy waiting on the phone for an hour and was sorting out my other things. I then went on to ask what about the airport transfer. He then said that the higher up managers declined it and said that there is nothing he can do. He said that he had to get permission to authorise anything complimentary and that they turned it down. I started arguing with him and said to him why was this left until I have near enough only one day until I go? Eventually he said he is going to transfer me to the transfer department. I spoke to another man, and I explained everything to him. He said that if the managers have declined it there is nothing he can do. I stressed to him that if that is the case, why did no one tell me about it? If I came to an agreement with a manager about the transfers on Monday, almost a week ago, (6 days) why was it left until now to either be declined or to be attempted to be booked? I also said to him that if they actually would have sorted this out on Monday and told me, I could have sorted my own transport out, but now I will have to pay more booking something last minute. He promised me that the price of transfers does not change regardless of how in advance it is. I explained that they have ruined my holiday, I have been constantly anxious thinking about the holiday and that I feel cheated and ripped off. He said that given the circumstances, he will offer me a huge discount on transfers and he is doing me a huge favor. He told me the price, which was 7000ISK or £50 per person. I said to him that I think I could get it cheaper and that he can’t be trying to sell me something after I have just been had on about transfers. After I get off the phone, I checked on Gray line Iceland, a creditable company, how much it is for airport transfers. It was 3000 ISK or £21 PP. So he was trying to tell me he was doing me a favor given my circumstance, but it wasn’t a discount at all, and was more than what it sells for officially! Trying to act like he was being charitable, really was trying to rip me off, typical dodgy busines

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