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Jade's complaint against Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Jade Best



Complaint against Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Yesterday me my partner, my 2 sons and daughter took a trip to blackpool. We booked are tickets online as it's cheaper. I have one child who is 8 years old and disabled. Now before booking are tickets I checked online to see of it was okay for him to come. Online it doesn't state that he cannot ride. I got there i paid £10 for parking and got are selfs into the pleasure beach. Everything was okay we got directed to the disabled access. Before going in are bags got checked, we wasn't allowed to take the food into the park, baring in mind my child is disabled and he can only eat certain foods, i explained this and WAS still refused. I left it and put the food in the car. We get onto the pleasure beach and start to look for child rides, we went to the Alice and wonderland ride and asked where we could buy tokens for this for my disabled son and my daughter as my other son went off with his aunt to go on bigger rides. The man kindly told us to go to the shop at the bottom and I could purchase from there. I did that and come back and started to que, 20 minutes in quing up and someone comes over TOUCHING MY SON!!! asking what disability he has and when I stated he told us we couldn't go in this ride and started to hurdle us out the que!!! (Very rude and arrogant) We stated that he shouldn't have told us where to purchase tickets if he knew my disabled son couldn't go on this ride!! We then started to walk off and embarrassingly the man started to shout to us " I DON'T MAKE THE RULES " Like we wasn't embarrassed enough getting pushed out the que and refused entry because he is disabled!! We went and seen a manager about this and he then explained everything and also explained I should have been giving a booklet and someone should have cleared it up with myself what rides he was able to ride on. The manager cleared this up but after a frustrating 2 hours of messing around i was angry and just wanted to go home after being treated the way myself and son got treated. We went back into the park with a list of rides he could go on, we went to every single ride and except 1 refused him! That was dory explore world with the boat! We went to the one next to it and he also said it was closed that's why we chose to ride dory world ride! We come off the dory world ride to find the other ride that was supposed to be CLOSED, OPEN!!!! I have never felt so singled out in all my life! How can these people be allowed to treat a child with such needs so disrespectful! It's an awful place ALTON TOWERS is 100% better than blackpool pleasure beach! They help you 100% there is so much more for disabled children they are helpful and kind! Blackpool is full of arrogant self centred idiots who have no people skills! I will however be taking this to the news paper and I will be letting people know just how horrible my experience was with my disabled son and how he got treated!! It's absolutely DISGUSTING! THE COMPANY should be ashamed of themselfs and the staff need sacking or at least some training! You also need to update your site about disabled people as it stated we take care of disabled people! That's a lie!!! My son was singled out and rejected by so many people yesterday it was unbelievable! This isn't the end of this I am going to make sure every news paper will hear my story!!!

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