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Karen's complaint against Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Karen Hands


Most rides breaking or is broken even people still on them too!!!!

Complaint against Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The trip to Blackpool pleasure beach was a weekend of fun & laughter for my granddaughter & friends whom was 16 in the week running up to the visit. Well I or any of the group were not satisfied with the running of the fairground at all. The rides were queued up to the max so it was an incredible 40-50 minutes waiting for a turn on some rides the grand national was one of them queued for it to be told u must leave it has broken down how very disappointing the Pepsi max also endured problems then near the end around 3.30 they decided to go back to grand national again only to wait again but actually get on the ride this time for when it was going up it began to roll back to all of a sudden brakes applied hard jolted then carried on going up for when reached the top felt like cart left the track lifted up somehow I don’t know what is going on but there is some very greedy people out there who don’t give a damn about people’s safety only to keep rides active no matter what to collect collect collect...also eating meals outside you have all the big fat seagulls flying hovering just above head height because of all the trash and food left about which nobody about to even clear up so people can enjoy food without vermin being there there are a whole lot more issues which I am thinking of taking more seroiously I am disables & expected with me having to pay just to watch then I would get a good service well not good very very poor accessible facilities actually for disabled people I/we are very disappointed!!!

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