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LJ's complaint against National Holidays

LJ Ward


5* prices but not 5* service

Complaint against National Holidays

The check in was pain free and the room was lovely. We only booked a standard room but we were up on the 5th floor with views out to sea in front of us, mountains to the right and the hotel to our left this was all therefore lovely. The rooms are basic but the beds are comfortable and cleaned well. There was never any rush to get a sunbed as there are always plenty around but they are probably the most uncomfortable I have ever experienced and a lot of them were torn and dirty too. The areas around the pool are not spotlessly clean, as you'd expect from a 5* with glasses staying at tables for quite a while and there are discarded drinking straws, cigarette ends etc. in the pool area near the loungers all of which does not look nice. The straws and cigarette ends indicate to me that the areas around the loungers is not thoroughly swept in the evenings.. The gardens were pretty and tended well although after maintenance the garden waste was never quickly or thoroughly cleared up. There was only one restaurant open for our first 5 days, so no opportunity to sample the speciality restaurants that are offered on the basis of one per stay. The food was plentiful and catered for every taste, we couldn't complain about this at all. The cats that hang around, especially at breakfast, outside and in the lobby area are not pleasant, again this not expected from a 5 *.The small beach area, and I use this term loosely, was awful. It's based next to the sewerage/septic tanks are the smell is quite overpowering. If you went to use the toilets just above this area, you were also met with this smell. Not nice at all. The swim up bar was not open, a shame when people were keen to use it; again not everything that is advertised, was open for use. The gym had no air conditioning and a lot of the equipment was old and in need of repair/maintenance. The biggest problem we encountered was the staff in the El Drago (pool bar) at lunchtime. It is beyond me how any of the pool bar staff have a job. We never saw any management coming to check on service which is what I suspect is needed, Management who did come to the bar seemed interested only in the billing and the till , this is fine but ensure that people are fed and watered correctly first and then worry about the billing. Unfortunately the staff have a tendency to ignore you, the paying guest, and prefer to take one empty plate down to the kitchen rather than serve you. We found food on our bill at checkout, from the pool bar, when we were AI. Every time you go in they ask for your room number and ask if you are AI which is after a while very annoying , if you have been getting cokes and water from 10 a.m. and on the 8th visit you are still a complete stranger it becomes past understandable and into the area of being wilfully rude.! There were few smiles, no manners and everything was just such an effort for them. In some instances we were made to feel very unwelcome. This, in my opinion, is a very badly run area of the hotel and needs serious attention. Whether it be a training issue or a staffing level issue I do not know? I appreciate that 5* abroad doesn't necessarily mean the same as the UK but this hotel is nowhere near 5* and I'd love to know how it attained such a rating. If you've been to 5* in Egypt then you'll know what I mean. After dinner one evening we went to sit on some settees, the tables had been used and were therefore covered in glasses , that’s fine but 20 minutes later the glasses were still there , a small point but the table should have been cleared , wiped down , a fresh ash tray put down if needed and been left ready for the next occupant. That is what would have happened in a true 5* No guests, no hotel, no job!! Simple as that!

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