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sharon's complaint against National Holidays

sharon stronach


booking ref R198064 #2 tour ref 3560N pontins preststyn 5 day special

Complaint against National Holidays

just came back from five days in pontins prestatyn absolutely disgusted arrived at 3.15 couldn't check in till 4 queued for nearly an hour to get keys was told I had to pay for bedding which I refused as its all inclusive then was told we had enough electric to last us two days after that we had to purchase a minimum of £5 on card to last us rest of week. this is not mentioned in any of your brochures the whole site was dirty apartment was like walking back into the 70,s. smashed tv that wasn't working filthy dirty ironing board which was unusable ripped chairs a mattress that I wouldn't allow a dog to sleep on. tv and mattress I asked to be replaced it took them two days to do so front door had a hole in it like somebody had kicked it in dirty bathroom & smashed tiles. the mattress that they did eventually gave us was just as bad and we ended up having to buy an inflatable double bed with pump just so we could get some sleep. cleaning the apartment on arrival is not my idea of being on holiday rubbish strewn all over site broken chairs being left on grass doors being kicked late at night door handles being tried we had to wedge ironing board behind door before going to bed at night just to feel a little more secure. Security staff were rude & unhelpful staff need to go back to customer care school. A shower that you had to push the button in at least 30 times to prevent the water from stopping midway through your shower ive only ever used these in swimming pools. Inadequate safety railings around parts of sites they were working on. no restaurant on site for miday meal advertising a queen vic pub that everyone was asked to leave at 9pm as they were closing it.It was like living on benefit street. the whole of the coach complained to the driver, as it states he is your first port of call however even his apartment had been given away to another family. I am enclosing photos I look forward to a quick response and a resolution to this matter or I will take this matter further and take it to the ombudsman I have came back from this break feeling worse than before we went away. this was supposed to be a break away for our wedding anniversary yours Mrs Sharon Stronach

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