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Kayleigh's complaint against National Holidays

Kayleigh Tuczek


bus driver and hotel room

Complaint against National Holidays

the first bus driver too Blackpool was not talkative and we asked him about pick on Friday so we were aware and he told us to see the rep but we didn't have one. we went to the hotel reception and we were told that the rep doesn't come down everyday and wasn't able to tell us day by day. when we got into our hotel room the room was freezing and all you could here was traffic on the road and tram lines. Couldn't get into the wardrobe as the bed was too big for the room. also the bath had stains inside and our. complained about bath towels and that we didn't have any in our room, went back upstairs after going out and they were slung onto the floor in front of the door. Our room never clean unless we asked for extra coffee or tea. Also the smell of the 3rd floor stank of cannabis and wasn't appealing as I'm a non smoker and have asthma. Also the smell of the dinning room hall was revolting as it put you off your meal and made you not want to eat a lot and make you rush just to get out, another problem with the dinning hall was the whole room wasn't available to access as they were leaks and hole in the roof and we were sat on a specific table all week and the last day we were asked to move because of other residences of the hotel were complaining they had no where to sit. On the day of leaving the hotel we were not told what time we were leaving so had to shorten our day out so we didn't miss our ride back. Also the driver on the way back was extremely rude as he complained about the weight of everyone's suitcase and was using foul language towards the guest on the bus. on the way home their were children on the bus and he didn't give us a break from the long travel back to our destination as I needed to book a taxi in advance to tell them know when we will be back. When we arrived to our destination the driver threw our suitcases on to the wet floor and told us to grab our suitcases and didn't speak to us along the journey either. I was extremely unhappy after my holiday, especially with the amount of money I spent on the holiday. it is not making me think twice before booking my holiday with you again.

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