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Margaret's complaint against National Holidays

Margaret Daymond


Bus driver did not come into Sunderland to pick us up.

Complaint against National Holidays

First I want to say this is about the 6th email I have sent about national holidays nor once have they replayed. My 5 day break to Liverpool was on the 29th of January I was getting over Australia flu which put me in hospital for 5 days me family surjested that I went on a national holiday to have a nice break and relaxs,I was on me own as me friend couldn’t get a seat by the way I’m 68yrs old,I was informed to be in parklane Sunderland for 8/35i arrived at 8/20by half 9still no bus there was also another couple waiting they went to ask the man who was checking the buses time of arriving and leaving,what had happened to the Liverpool bus he said he didn’t no,10 o’clock came still no bus back again we went to see the man he said he would phone the office to ask them to give the lady a ring as she had her phone handy,yes they phoned her at about 10/25 to say the bus was at scotch corner what he’s never picked up in Sunderland he didn’t see it on his sheet ????,they would send a private car to pick us up and take us to scotch corner,well he picked us up at 10/35 we got to scotch corner by then I wasn’t feeling well it was 5 past 11.the bus driver said sorry he didn’t think he had to come to Sunderland as he didn’t see the back sheet saying 3 passages to pick up in Sunderland,so we started on our way to Liverpool.after about 15min the driver had to pull over as a man says he was having chest pains he phoned a ambulance 30min,not the drivers fault well we finally we arrived in Liverpool at 2/45 what a long day got me room and went to sleep as I was shivering and me head was pounding,well we had 5 days hotel was good ,then came Friday I packed as you had to be out the room by 10oclock,well bus arrived and we set of at 2/15 I thought great I’m on me way home where I can get some rest well I don’t no what route the driver took but we didn’t get back into Sunderland until 7/45 my husband was fuming when he saw the state I was in he does driving all over the country and said he should have been in Sunderland at least 7oclock counting the drop offs he had to make,I was took to the doctors on the Monday with a bad chest infection so it took me a week to get over me 5day break disgusting passenger they can’t even respond to complaint

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