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Lyn's complaint against National Holidays

Lyn Coupe


Conditions in the Hotel

Complaint against National Holidays

We arrived at The Grand Hotel at Scarborough tired and hungry after a fairly long journey. Only to find the hotel was very very cold and as myself and my partner suffer from arthritis the condition was debilitating. We noticed immediately that all the guests sitting in the reception area were all wearing their coats also some gloves and hats due to the cold. We went to the reception desk after purchasing a hot coffee to try and warm us up and received our key to our room which was at the very top of the hotel on opening the door we were astounded to find the size of the room. The bed was a double and gave us no access to get in and out without great difficulty. My partner had to climb on the bed to gain access. After coming to terms with the size of the room we then appreciated how very cold the room was the curtains were moving although the window was shut. We both said at the same time we cannot stay in this room and we proceeded downstairs to reception to see if we could have a change of room. The girl on reception was very helpful and after a deal of searching found us a alternative room. We went to view and the dimensions of the room were perfectly acceptable although again the room was absolutely freezing although the radiator was on. This was due to the fact the curtains were again blowing as if the window was open but it was not. We were forced to move the smaller wardrobe in front of the window to try and lessen the stiff breeze coming through the window. Although we complained about the coldness of the room we were told there were no other rooms available. We were sat in our room huddled round the radiator wearing our coats trying to get warm. Several other people we talked to in the hotel also said the conditions were very cold. Wherever we went even in the restaurant and bar and cabaret room we could not get any respite from the cold. Despite the fact that the management brought in some portable heaters they were totally inadequate. We have enjoyed holidays with your company and always previously been very satisfied so therefore we were very disappointed with our break to The Palace Hotel at Scarborough Friday the 2nd March 2018. Yours Respectfully Mrs L Coupe and Mr P Dainton .

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