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Ram's complaint against National Holidays

Ram Nar


Disappointingly poor service

Complaint against National Holidays

Took trip as said fully planned itinery and brilliant service but Very disappointed with trip to Yorkshire Dales I drove from london to northampton to join this trip all exited and it’s been a total waste of money and time Firstly the driver did not give us a clear rundown of what the plan was from outset amd no clear guidance of hotel timings departure checking dinner etc all very in organised and up in the air. Also we arrived for boat trip at 12:30 but couldn’t go on till 15:10 so had a short while to run around Skipton hurry back to boat then got to hotel 2 hours early. Sat around for 2 hours and got to dinner finally. Not seen any of the Yorkshire dales up till now wasted most of the day waiting around o paid to see the dales not seen dales at dinner everyone felt the same disappointment. Th Eton mess dessert I had was watery and very poor couldn’t eat it felt sick rest of meal was great. The driver said so he can get a lie in we will leave at 11:30 on Sunday yet again wasting half the day so a 2 day trip paid to yoirkshire dales I fact is 1 day wasted wagsted 8-9 hours in total accords the 2 days sitting around in hotel and rushed through Skipton not getting to see markets properly at all it’s been a total waste of money and time 89.00 each two of us total 180.00 for a 1 day unorganised mess I should get a partial refund otherwise I feel it’s not fair Totally unorganised Poor very poor service

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