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D's complaint against National Holidays

D Schofield


Driver did not keep to itinerary

Complaint against National Holidays

Booking Reference P986946 Prior to my 2-day tour to Holy Island/Durham I requested details of the itinerary. I understood that it could be subject to change. However, I was totally disgusted with the attitude of the driver on this tour. He ridiculed some of the passengers for their tardiness. He advised passengers of the time of departure from Holy Island ie 1515. My friend and I boarded the coach at 1510 and we were told that it would be unsafe to cross the causeway after 1520. We were aware of that as we had checked the board prior to proceeding on our visit. Some passengers boarded the coach a few minutes after my friend and I (they were not after the 1515 departure) and the driver announced that we should 'give them a round of applause'. My main concern surrounded the visit to Durham. Remember I had checked the itinerary with National Holidays prior to departure and again I was aware that it could be subject to change. The driver had put up a notice in the dining room of the hotel giving departure time from Durham of 1500 hrs. We left Tynemouth at 1000 hrs approx. and he advised that we should be in Durham in about half an hour. When we arrived in Durham it took him 20 minutes to find the coach park. On our way he announced that the departure time would be 1400. I challenged him on this when we arrived in Durham and he told me that he had written on the notice the departure time of 1400 hrs. This was certainly not the case and was confirmed by some of the other passengers. Also remember I had checked with National Holidays prior to departure. He did not know what to say, but his attitude was very defensive. He tried to convince me that the departure time was 1400. Had we had that extra hour my friend and I could have made a visit to the Castle, but because of the time constraint this was not possible. This left us feeling very dissatisfied. As I said the driver was totally lacking in customer care, he was rude, inconsiderate, unhelpful and I do not want the 'pleasure' of travelling with him again.

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