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Lilian's complaint against National Holidays

Lilian Barlow


Driver on our weekend away to Durham and Whitby

Complaint against National Holidays

I feel compelled to write to you with regard to the rude, miserable, arrogant, unhelpful, uninformative driver we had on our weekend away on Saturday 17 March 2018 to Durham and Whitby. Many of the people on the coach were of the same mind not just me and my friend. Everyone was passing comment on him. I have been on many national coach holidays in this country and even abroad once, and on the whole the drivers have been great. Unfortunately, due to bad weather we could not go to Whitby so the driver asked would we like to go to York or home. Various people were shouting their choice to him. No proper discussion was made, he just started driving and nobody knew for a while whether we were going home or to York. We realised we were going to York when we saw the signs. On getting back on the coach for our return journey home, he did not speak a word. Nobody knew what time we were due to arrive at our destination. Some people had to arrange a lift home but did not know what time to tell their family to come and pick them up. He was rude and almost aggressive when we left the hotel and he was putting the suitcases in the hold. He told us to be there with our cases at 9.15 ready to go at 9.30. One lady asked him at 9.10 could she have a smoke before getting on the coach. He snapped at her and said get on the coach. She was near to tears and shaking when she got on the coach We expect to be treated, as paying customers, with some respect. We don’t expect to be given dirty looks and be spoken to in an aggressive manner. This is our holiday and the driver on your coaches on-many occasions have helped our holiday to be fun and memorable. If this man does not like his job, he should not take it out on us, he should look for another job and let someone who enjoys his work take over. I am sure there would be plenty of people would like a job like this. I still enjoyed the weekend away, which incidentally was a present for my 70th birthday given to me by my friend, but I have got to say he spoilt it for me. He just took the spark out of a holiday I had been looking forward too. It was bad enough Whitby being cancelled but I understand this could not be helped, we cannot control the weather, but he should be disciplined for his behaviour on this trip. Your comments would be most appreciated.

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