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Jean's review of National Holidays

Jean Dawson


Drunkenness on coach

Review of National Holidays

I have several grievances. The first being the length of time the journey took.61/2 hrs from Gateshead to blackpool. Second the state of the hotel THE was dirty my feet stuck to the carpets and the smell was disgusting. Thirdly drunkenness on coach.a party of 4young women drank constantly from leaving Sunderland till getting off at Sunderland.they couldn't stand up and were falling all over coach screaming and shouting. One of them fell downsteps toilet then fell back up. She fell o toseveral people and inbetween seats. When wegot to weatherby it was mentioned to driver but he just shrugged it off. The couple behind me were in their 80s and were quite upset when she fell on them.when I said something to one of them I was told that's what these trips were all about getting drunk. The driver never gave the safety talk either. I have been on quite a few national tours and have one booked for next month. Ive never been so disgusted and will think twice before booking with you again. I thought the driver would have said something to calm it down but he never he even turned the music louder so they could hear it. Obviously if they weren't shouting and screaming they wouldnt have had a problem hearing it.the holiday of most of the passengers was spoilt to pander to 4 drunks

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