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Ms Brenda's complaint against National Holidays

Ms Brenda Leek


Edingbourgh city break

Complaint against National Holidays

We have just returned from a Edinburgh city break and we are very disappointed in the lack of information given about the break and the Hotel. At no time were we informed that the hotel was not suitable for people with walking difficulties, when we arrived we were put of the bus at the back door of the hotel and the driver got permition for us to entre via the fire door the driver said it was easier that way, when we tried to go out for the day next morning we discovered the hotel was down a steep hill in a dip(that was why the driver took us in the fire exit it was a the top of the hill ) we were informed by reception staff was the only way of us getting out of the hotel was by Taxi the direct line for taxi was conveniently placed on reception desk, the cost of the taxi was £7.80 each way, total cost to leave the hotel and return was £15.60, the hotel was in the middle of nowhere and this was supposed to be a city break . on returning to the hotel I caught site of the driver and told him of our problem and I said I though that national holidays should inform people the hotel is not suitable for people with walking difficulties , his reply to that was it is not the responsibility of the holiday company to tell you that , we should ring the hotel ourselves before we book, I disagree with that and in any case the holiday company don't tell you what hotel you are going to be staying at. We felt as though we were in prison in the hotel, this spoilt the whole holiday and we were not alone in thinking like this other people were feeling the same greeting each other as inmates, so unless you are prepared to pay In access of £15 a time to get out we were stuck there and to make matters worse we paid £149 each when most of the other passengers only paid on an average of £119 each. I have been a customer of National holidays for a long time now but I am terribly disappointed this time and with drivers attitude not sure if I will ever chance it again . HOLIDAY FROM HELL I await your reply.

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