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[User Deleted]'s complaint against National Holidays

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Fradulent charges suspected by bus drivers working with national holidays on a recent trip/holiday .

Complaint against National Holidays

My family and I went on a holiday trip with National Holidays to Italy from the 09/04/2017- 15/04/2017. The trip was entitled "Rome and a Taste of Italy". Initially, when I booked this trip it was stated in the itinerary that all the excursions to Florence, Rome and Pisa were inclusive in the already paid holiday price. However, one of the drivers,(the shorter one) whom I will not name at this stage has charged individuals twenty euros (20 euros) per person to go on the excursions and called it "guided tours". I asked him why did National Holidays not informed clients of these additional charges instead of misleading us that these excursions were included in the price. He just shrug his shoulders but gave no explanations. (Though he was not rude). He nonetheless, explained that the coach will take us to each place but if the guide money was not paid then the coach would drop us a point (everybody) and we were on our own who did not pay the 20 euros and the coach would then pick us up back where it dropped us off.. The people who paid would go on the excursions and after the tour then, they would get some free time to shop and then meet the coach for pick up. To be explicit, the coach took everyone to the statue of David where it overlooks Florence, after that we were all taken to the city and only those who paid were taken on the full excursion of Florence. The next day it was another excursion to Rome, If you did not pay another set of 20 euros. you would be dropped off near the Vatican city and not allowed on the full tour of Rome. The next day was to Pisa. All were taken to Pisa but if you did not pay this extra money again you did not go on the tour but you could go to the leaning tower on your own. So to sum up this up I could only go on the Rome tour which cost me 60 euros since I had minors with me, yet there was no children prices available. Nonetheless, he allowed me to go on the excursion without paying at the time so the tour guide did not received my money . I realized what was happening and so decided to offer to pay by cheque as I was running low on cash and found it difficult to access cash machine. Ever so often He would come to me asking if I got sorted. I then offered to pay by cheque since he stipulated that National Holidays had to be paid for this. His response was "no" he cannot accept cheque because a third party would be involved. I could not understand it but did not become persistent. So I became dubious asking myself the rhetorical question as to who is really getting paid here. I have no doubt that the tour guides would be getting paid, but if so, then this information should have been made clear from the very time of booking. He informed me that I could access cash machine on the Ferry. This I did and he did not collect this money until I was disembarking from the bus at my final destination. I gave him 40 euros and 15 pounds AND HE DID NOT GIVE ME MY CHANGE. HE SAID TO ME, HE HAS WORKED OUT THE EXCHANGE RATE AND IT WAS JUST A COUPLE OF POUNDS THAT HE OWES ME. It is quite clear who has gotten this money (the drivers) and so I had no other choice but to bring this unprofessional and unscrupulous behavior. this needs a full investigation and I need to be reimbursed as I have missed two excursions with my children and paid to access one. I have used National Holidays on numerous occasions and has never experienced anything like this. Very disappointed and may not use your service anymore because of this traumatizing event. I do sincerely hope you will investigate and resolve this issue amicably. Thanking you Dorrett McNeil

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Seth Newbury | | VERIFIED

Sorry to hear that you feel I ripped you off. Your holiday with national holidays included trips to Florence Rome and Pisa which you went on, as drivers we can arrange enhancements such as guided tours with local tour guides of these city's and these guides don't do it for free they do need payment which was explained on the coach. You could told myself or national your concerns. You still can.

Boris Buspassenger | | VERIFIED

I too, had the misfortune of going on a National Holidays tour to Riccione with this driver. Went in the huff with the whole coach party when nobody would pay for his extortionately priced additional tour. (20 Euros a head!) Unpleasant little guy with a huge attitude problem. Don't imagine he got a lot of tips at the end of the tour.

Seth Newbury | | VERIFIED

Boris buspassenger we are not a local bus service nor do we work for free . As you may have noticed around the resort other firms charge alot more for there excursions and nobody was twisting anybody's arm to go anywhere the offer was they and you choose not to go fair enough. If I remember it correctly Tony and myself went on a bike ride that day and had a cracking day go-karting and sight seeing
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